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- Very rude phone staff - - Tonya - 2/28/2017 - comment
I received a text saying I was due for an eye exam. I called the number and couldn't understand the lady who answered the phone. I asked if I had called the Cedar Hill Walmart optometrist and she said no. I then asked who it was because I received a text reminder and I have only been to the eye doctor at Walmart. She said Dr. Foster. So I asked her where they were located because I have never been there. She got more and more rude with every question I asked and huffed before answering my questions. I don't understand why it was a problem for her to answer common questions and welcome a potential new customer. It is her job after all! I finally told that she was very rude and nevermind, I would find another dr. to go to for my eye exam and contacts.

- Discriminates against children on Medicaid - - - 8/3/2011 - comment
Tried to set an appointment with this doctor who advised he only sees persons with medicaid on Thursdays at certain hours. With this type of policy, one can only wonder what other groups Dr. Foster has a "special policy" for.

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