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- MR STAGEGURU - - - 12/6/2016 - comment
Once I confirmed I had insurance that would pay for frames and lenses thru DavisVision they treated me like I was just a burden to them, since I was not coming out of pocket for any expense it was a waste of effort and time for them. But I am sure my carrier cut them a check, no matter what they got theirs. But apparently not enough. From the front desk to the glass room, I had to confirm every detail from my carrier and offer that was given. I pay good money for this coverage and do not need treated like I am not worth your efforts because you're not getting my money that day. My advice, I would find another location to spend your insurers money or your hard earned cash. I KNOW I GET UPGRADES EVERY 24 MONTHS I WILL NOT BE RETURNING TO THEM. And just to let everyone know I am not the type of person that trolls the web to place negative reviews, hell this is even my first one beside clicking a few stars by purchased items, that is how much the treatment and attitudes of the personal in this office affected me to write this.

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